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January 12, 2015 • Magazine, Vintage

Vintage Oversize Sweaters

The New Year’s ball has dropped and the holidays are now officially over. It’s time to put away the sparkle and shine and settle into the rest of the winter season. If you ask me, this is the perfect opportunity to go back to the basics and highlight an oldie but goody: the oversized sweater! I love this trend during this time of year for multiple reasons, but mostly because of the warmth they provide and the coverage. They also conceal any extra weight you may have added while celebrating the season, or just keeping cozy and warm in the January chill without giving up your keen sense of style.

Oversized clothing in women’s fashion has been documented since the 1920s (and possibly before), with the reason primarily being for comfort, ease of movement and breaking away from the corsets and other confining undergarments that women wore up until then. It was also the first time women choose to take on more masculine silhouettes which were reflected in the drop waistlines and boyish cuts of flapper dresses. As the years progressed, women continued to take on the masculine silhouettes of certain articles of clothing including pants, suit jackets and the 80’s padded shoulders. The biggest push in this direction came during the 1980s and 1990s when women were striving to climb the corporate ladder – we are all familiar with the power suit! We still wear these styles today, however many of the silhouettes have softened and even though they are still oversized, they have a much more feminine look and feel to them.

The oversized sweater is all about proportions. Choose from any style available today (cocoon, boyfriend cardigan, crew neck or v neck) but the key is what you pair it with. You want to avoid loose fitting bottoms or you could risk looking sloppy. Ideally, you should couple your sweater with a pair of skinny jeans, a nice straight leg pant or a flare leg for a totally retro vibe! I love a cashmere or wool blend sweater, as they tend to wear well, while blends with alpaca or angora provide softness and warmth. It’s really up to you. Not too much thought is required for this trend, so let’s start 2015 cozy and casual!

1. 80s Mohair Graphic Sweater Coat, $145

2. Maison Martin Margiela Chain-Detail Oversize Sweater, $1,120

3. 1980s Vintage Alpaca Wool Jumper,  $110.37

4. Rebecca Taylor Oversized Leopard Pullover, $395

5. McQ Alexander McQueen ‘Cult’ Face-Patterned Sweater, $625

– Carmen Turner

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