Vintage Summer Scarves: Keep Cool And Look Cool!

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June 15, 2015 • Magazine, Vintage

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It may be difficult to think of this month’s vintage trend as ideal for summer, but in many ways it’s the perfect summer accessory to accompany the warm days and cool nights. Scarves have become synonymous with the Fall/Winter season as they make the perfect fashionable yet functional piece to ward off chilly weather. Pairing one with your summer outfit works wonders for adding depth and dimension to your look not to mention shielding you from the blasting air conditioning as you venture in and out of certain buildings. Wispy and whimsical fabrics like silk, linen and fine cottons are prominent this time of year and will keep you looking and feeling cool as you brave the outdoor heat.

I found a great tidbit about the history of the scarf that I definitely want to share. One of the early origins of the scarf is in Ancient Rome where it was used to help people keep clean instead of warm. Scarves were used to wipe the sweat from the neck and face in hot weather and originally worn just by men. It wasn’t until later that women began to also wear them. Around the 17th century, Croatian soldiers used cotton scarves to distinguish military ranks. These scarves were referred to as “cravats” and were considered the predecessor to the necktie. The early 19th century was when the scarf reached its fashion status and was worn by both men and women and crafted from fine fabrics like wool and silk.

I think the ladies who lunch do this trend right by tying their silk versions in a single knot around their necks, which gives off a sexy retro vibe. Conversely, I love the laid back approach to taking an oversized cotton scarf and loosely wrapping it around your neck and pairing it with your favorite white tank and boyfriends jeans. It’s totally surfer chic! Pops of color and prints are a good way to play up your beach-y waves and curls, while keeping it clean and neutral can look great with a top knot or more structured hair style. Ultimately whatever color, fabric or size you like in the trend should look great. It’s meant to be a complement to your look and should express your style. Change it up as needed because a different scarf can make your outfit look completely fresh! Now, put on those shades and you’re good to go!

1. Vintage Dior Geometric Print Silk Scarf in Black and Orange, $199

2. Alexander McQueen “Bicolor skull” Silk Scarf, $350

3. Anthropologie Majorca Fringed Scarf, $160

4. Vintage 70s Hermès Silk Scarf 1974 Eperon d’Or by Henri d’Origny Silk Twill Designer Classic Equestrian Scarf, $275

5. Kate Spade New York Beach Blanket Scarf, $128

6. Chanel Multi Color Silk Chiffon “Summer” Scarf, $325

– Carmen Turner

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