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Fountain of 30

May 31, 2007 • Fashion

Julie Ghatan for Second City Style Magazine

This season, while some designers channel the ‘60s with their mod
patent leather flats, and others invoke the ‘70s by making the tallest
platform wedges I’ve seen in years, some of my favorite designers dare to turn the pages of fashion history a little farther.
These bold shoemakers go back to basics by drawing inspiration from the
ancestors of the modern shoe and the results leave me yearning for a
fatter paycheck. I thought I’d take a moment to exasperate your
retrophilia with my top picks.

1. The Aristocrat – Dame Agnes, by Fluevog:
This rococo-inspired boot transports the wearer to 18th century France
with its decorative accents, shell-like heel, and lace-up eyelets.
Though the antiqued leather perpetuates the boot’s opulence, Fluevog
keeps it modern with a clean, geometric sole.

2. The Wench – Chamomile, by Fluevog:
Barmaid transforms into belle with these ghillie brogue-style heels.
The modest heel, corseted laces, wingtips, and perforated toe box add
feminine flair to this classic design traditionally reserved for
Scottish men. Read more here

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