Wondering If C.Wonder Is To Cease

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January 6, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Retail Detail

C.Wonder closing

I had a feeling things were not looking good for C.Wonder when the location near me at Roosevelt Field was closing and selling everything at 75% off BEFORE Christmas. Even the fixtures, furniture and hangers were for sale (I bought a few wooden hangers for my heavy coats for 50 cents each). Rumor was that most of the C.Wonder stores were closing, but about a dozen were going to remain open. I myself sent an email to a PR contact at C.Wonder before the holidays which I now realize went unanswered.

Now, just today, Buzzfeed is reporting that C.Wonder is closing down entirely! Allegedly the remaining 100 employees were told yesterday they needed to find new jobs pronto and the company has shut down all of it’s media channels.

Tory Burch’s ex-husband and venture capitalist J. Christopher Burch opened the first C.Wonder just three years ago in NYC. In fact, Second City Style attended the opening. C.Wonder was so similar to the Tory Burch brand (albeit much cheaper) that it was obviously meant as an f**k you to the the ex-missus and the two dragged each other to court. Well revenge doesn’t usually end well and Chris Burch obviously either lost a lot of money or has moved on. Possibly both.

I can’t imagine there is much left at any of the remaining open locations, so I’m glad I picked up a sweater, initial cheeseboard and those hangers as a last reminder of the short-lived label

Read the entire BuzzFeed post here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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