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August 30, 2007 • Celebrity Style

Thankfully, it’s that time of week again!


Felicity Huffman at a Badgley Mischka party hosted by Teri Hatcher in L.A.

OK, you don’t like Teri Hatcher, we get it. Why else would you wear jeans to a Badgley Mishcka event? You know, the line Teri now models for? They make gowns. Really nice ones. Try a little. However, from the neck up…perfect.

She’s thinking: Who the hell does Teri thinks she is?

Daniela Mercury at the 8th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Press Conference in Miami

Comment: I thought for sure this was the country Grammy Awards announcement. I had to go back and re-read. Where to start…I like her white shirt. That’s it. Who wears cut-off jean shorts to a photo op? Don’t even get me started on those boots. OK, I HATE BOOTS WITH SHORTS! Please stop! It looks bad. Seriously. The holster belt just throws me over the edge.

She’s thinking: These boots are made for walking. I look muy caliente!   

Mischa Barton at Hamptons SOCIAL in the Hamptons

Comment: Oh Mischa. What has happened to your sense of style? Did you lose your stylist once you lost your show? The dress isn’t bad. It’s just the choice of  a head-wound wrap I don’t get, and those damn Keds! If the dress were a little longer and paired with a great heeled sandal (oh and natural hair) we would not be talking about her.

She’s thinking: I love the Hamptons! My Keds rock.

Jennifer Esposito at a Badgley Mischka party hosted by Teri Hatcher in L.A.

Comment: Jennifer Esposito is normally the picture pf perfection which is why I am shocked to see her here. First of all, from the head up, she’s stunning. I’m not crazy about the brown dress on her, which just does nothing for her figure. Now let’s talk about those chunky white sandals that so do not go with the dress! Ew. A light, strappy gold sandal and a gold clutch and she would look much better.

She’s thinking: How did Teri get this gig? Bitch.


Aisha Taylor at Premier of ‘Death Sentence’ in NYC

This dress is a death sentence! OK, not for the guy who sat next to her during the premier for sure! Maybe she stood in the back. This dress is waaaay too short and therefore makes her legs look like tree trunks. I hate the sleeves too. OK, the dress is a mess.

She’s thinking: Did I remember underwear?

Camilla Franks at the ’30 Days of Fashion & Beauty’ Launch in Australia

Comment: What is so tragic here (besides the dress) is that this is a FASHION and beauty event! This dress is horrid. Personally I’d use it for rags. It’s see-through at the top (I swear I see nipple) and bunches out at the hip. Just horrid. What a pretty girl. She got the beauty part nailed. Such a shame.

She’s thinking:
Maybe I should not have worn this dress my nephew tye-dyed at camp. What was I thinking? Elle McPherson looks so much better.

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