WTF Was She Thinking? This Week in Bad Celeb Style.

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May 30, 2008 • Celebrity Style

We already hit the offenders of the SATC New York premiere, but there was some fugly stuff happening the world over!

Lydia Hearst (Repeat Offender!)

Comment: After her pink and floweredy corset fiasco of an outfit at the SATC premiere, our commenter "Always In Style" made this hilarious statement: "Lydia Hearst in Mattel’s Spring 2008 Couture Collection." Looks like Barbie is still dressing Lydia!

She Was Thinking:
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

Veronica Webb

Comment: Tim Gunn’s supermodel co-host should know better than to give herself football pad shoulders! We can handle some androgyny, but this masculine look borders too closely on boyish, and loses its sex appeal.

She Was Thinking:
Maybe Tim will let me borrow one of his suits for my next event…


Comment: Ashanti combines Amy Winehouse and Jane of the Jungle to create this weird, busy, awkardly unsexy, Elvira-ish look. This is overkill.

She Was Thinking:
Beehive, bangles, red lip, all-over print, metallic clutch, empire detail… more is more, right?

Sam and Amanda Marchant

Comment: High-waisted, hatted double-trouble. We’re not sure a high waist is particularly flattering on either of them, and Amanda’s red flower looks like a pasty. And the hats… ahh! However, we can’t help but love those peep-toe booties… they are the saving grace of both of these disastrous outfits.

They Were Thinking: The Mad Hatter and The March Hare! Marchants in Wonderland!

Christina Aguilera

Comment: We don’t usually use pap-shots in the weekly WTF, but this is Exhibit A on why to NEVER wear leggings, especially without a dress or something covering them. Her baby-weight is gone, and they are still unflattering, and it’s not even her fault!

She Was Thinking:
I want my maternity pants back!

Until next week…

– Hayley Wells

Photos: Jezebel, WireImage

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