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October 1, 2007 • Celebrity Style

Another week…more bad celebrity fashion. Lucky for us, J.Lo played Atlantic City and gave us some brilliant material.

Kelly Clarkson in concert in Sydney, Australia

Comment: I empathize. Really. When I pack on a few lbs. I am not a happy camper. Then again, I avoid baby-doll anything which is a visual weight enhancer! This is a perfect example why famous people need stylists.

She’s thinking: What the hell am I doing down under? I should have stuck with my original tour. Then I could look all grunge and stuff.

Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony at the Taj Majal Casino in Atlantic City

Comment: If Jennifer Lopez is going to keep denying she is pregnant, she had better stay away from outfits like this. Where is her bra? Did they have to drape the dress over the chair so it looks like she is triple her size? She dwarfs her husband (granted he is little) and she’s sitting! This looks like one of those scary portraits from the 70’s. The kind you see in a trailer.

She’s thinking: I can’t believe I married this guy. He’s soooo little and kinda funny looking.


J. Lo performing at the Taj Majal Casino in Atlantic City

Comment: Charo called. She wants her Love Boat costume back. Those pants are ridiculous. Seriously. You have to admire her gumption though.

She’s thinking: I love Vegas! Vegas baby! I’m so money. Wait. I’m not in Vegas?

Keyshia Cole at her album release party in NYC

Comment: Here is the perfect example of who should NOT wear a wide belt. Short wasted + big boobs = really bad. Her belt is acting as a resting place. A shelf if you will. And a denim strapless jumpsuit? Oy.

She’s thinking: Don’t mess with me. I’m the sh*t.

Daisy Fuentes at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood party

Comment: This is an event. A HOT Hollywood party. Dress up a little! Everyone else did. She is so gorgeous and this top makes her look like a linebacker. Such a bummer because she normally looks fantastic…always. We will write this one off as bad judgment. We still love her.

She’s thinking: I made a mistake this big. My Khol’s collection is pretty rough compared to Vera Wang’s.

Patricia Arquette at the Kinerase Skincare Celebration in Santa Monica

Comment: If she shows up, it’s bound to be bad good. Even the one sleeve is asymmetrical…brilliant! Where to begin. Do I have to? The top is a smock and with the bit of red pant sticking out makes her to appear to have tree trunks for legs. A cute ballet flat would have been a better choice and the bag? Don’t get me started. If you know you are going to be photographed, wear a little makeup. Even for day.

She’s thinking: I hate my sister-in-law (Courtney Cox, Kinerase spokesperson) for making me do this.

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