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June 21, 2007 • Celebrity Style

Listen up! This is my last one of these for a few weeks so…enjoy!


Chaunte (pronounced: Shawn-tay) LeBlanc around in La, la land.

Comment: I had to Google her. She is/was the star of a show called ‘Maui Fever’ which cleared absolutely nothing up for me. Anywhoo, I don’t think I have to explain what is wrong with this ensemble (I am being kind). However, if the pocket liner is popping out the bottom of your shorts, they are probably too short! Good lord.

She’s thinking: Phew. It took me hours to throw this look together.


Debra Messing at the opening night of Shakespeare in the Park 2007 production of Romeo and Juliet.

Comment: I normally dig most of her outfits and I love her, however, this is the sad reality of wearing maternity dresses when you are not pregnant. YOU LOOK HUGE! In this case, she looks as if she is wearing a nightie. Oh and if you are pale and are going to wear white…load on the lipstick or add some color to your face.

She’s thinking: I just rolled out of bed, think anyone notices?


Christina Aguilera performing in Tokyo

Comment: Hmmm, speaking of white…maybe this look is what is adding fuel to the gossip fire that she is with child. I feel like I am having a horrible flashback of ‘The Osmonds’ from the 70s. Don’t light a match near her…she will explode in this flammable getup.

She’s thinking: She’s not, she’s singing.


Brooke Hogan at some rapper party (which OJ attended…don’t worry, she’s alive) in Miami

Comment: Some bodies are not meant to wear a super-tight, super-short and super-shiny dress…and this would be one of them. If you want to look like a body builder, by all means go for it. She would look fantastic if she would wear clothes that fit and lightened up on the bleach. Until then, she will just keep appearing on worst-dressed lists everywhere.

She’s thinking: Pick on me and I’ll have my dad kick your ass!


Sophia Bush at a book party for Laura Day in West Hollywood

Comment: Moo-moo alert! Again! See? Here is a pretty and skinny person being rendered huge in this tent dress. Are you getting the picture? Avoid these please! They are hazardous to your health and our eyes. Seriously, how can you feel sexy and confident in a girlie pinafore?

She’s thinking: Why did I turn to the side?

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