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October 16, 2007 • Celebrity Style

Maybe it’s my mood, a full moon or the fact that there is already a ton of bad fashion for me to peruse during LA Fashion Week, but while scanning photos for my weekly ""WTF Was She Thinking?" Bad Celeb Fashion Week in Review," I came across a lot of excellent fashion! I know, scary right? Am I going soft? Most was at the ELLE Magazine’s 14th Annual Women in Hollywood Event Monday evening, but who cares? These women put on their game face! Better still, the ones who looked the best…were the thirty and forty-somethings! Oh there is hope for us (and good plastic surgeons) all!

Let’s take a look shall we?


Hallie Barry at the "Things We Lost In The Fire" Los Angeles Premiere on Monday

Comment: One more reason to hate her! She looks more gorgeous than usual. The only thing about her that looks pregnant is her face which is only slightly filled out and just makes her look even better (read younger). Bitch. She rocks.

Julia Louis Dreyfus at the ELLE Event

Comment: She looks even younger than she did on Seinfeld. How is that possible? She is clearly rocking her favorite designer, Narciso Rodriguez. Funny and stunning. Not fair!

Kate Bosworth at the ELLE event

Comment: She looks fab. Period.

Amber Tamblyn at the ELLE event

Comment: Normally I think this girl couldn’t dress her way out of a paper bag and tries too hard, but she did this night right! Love the hair and the dress suits her perfectly. Well done.


Diane Lane at the ELLE event

Comment: OK, a few less bench presses and a little less Baby Oil on the chest, but Diane should make 40+ women everywhere proud. I’m not sure what’s going on with the helmet hair, but hopefully it’s not permanent. Botox serves her well.


Jennifer Beals at the ELLE event

Comment: What a feeling! She has come a long way since Flashdance (1983). Looking at her it’s hard to believe she was the star of that 80’s movie. She must have been what…8? Clearly turning back time, she looks amazing at nearly 45.

Melissa George at the ELLE event

Comment: Perfection in Proenza. The lipstick, the bag, the shoes…I’m giving her a 9.5. She looses half a point for being wrinkled, but that’s not really her fault.

Ali Larter at the ELLE event

Comment: This is plaid done well. No grunge here. Modern for the times and the silver sandals are the perfect accent.

Scarlett Jonhansson at the ELLE event

Comment: I’m not crazy about the shoes with this outfit (or in general), but she’s gorgeous. What man would be looking at her feet anyway? It’s so not fair to us mere mortals.

Photos: WireImage


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