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June 18, 2007 • Celebrity Style


Sharon Lawrence at the MaxMara, Fashion Sponsor of The 2007 Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills.

Comment: I really don’t think a dress has ever done less for a person than this one. The lighter panel down the front makes her look wide and the length of the dress hits right at the widest part of her calf. The matching pink shoes are horrid. In the end, Sharon (who is normally a snappy dresser) looks old and dowdy.

She’s thinking: Does anyone know who I am anymore?


Tyra Banks at the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Hollywood

Comment: You had to know Tyra was full of sh*t when she claimed she was happy with herself carrying extra lbs. She sure looks better physically, but that dress! It’s as big as her ego/self-importance. Additionally, the color is not working on her. It matches her hair.

She’s thinking: I’m bigger than all you all.


Illeana Douglas at the Women In Film 2007 Crystal and Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills.

Comment: OK, you are in your forties and going to an awards ceremony with all of your peers, most of which are half your age. Would you chose this outfit? The dress is too short and too pre-teen to be worn on a woman. Also, it doesn’t fit well. There is some gaping around the boobage area. If a woman should have anything, it’s a seamstress. The bag and shoes are horrid too.

She’s thinking: Man. I blew this one.


Tina Barrett Premiere Model Management and Fashion TV Party at Intercontinental Hotel in London

Comments: This outfit adds fuel to the fire that many British can not dress. The dress would have been far cuter with a pair of Loubies, not booties.

She’s thinking: This event is a joke. What am I doing at a model party?


Eva LaRue at the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Hollywood

Comment: Eva LaWho? Everything about this outfit screams ‘Dynasty’, including the matching blue eyeshadow. Don’t even get me started on the shoes. The only thing modern about her is the massive fakes boobs this dress draws attention to.

She’s thinking: Man, even Morgan Fairchild looks better than I do.

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